Research Directions

  • Mining and modeling of attributed networks
  • Detecting opinion spam in online review sites
  • Spam detection in online media
  • Analysis of large-scale brain networks
  • Finding and visualizing anomalies in temporal data
  • Visualization of communities in massive graphs
  • Anomaly detection in complex graphs
  • Fraud detection in social security
  • Vulnerability and resilience in large dynamic graphs
  • Study and analysis of online question answering sites
  • Behavioral analysis and prediction in online media

Funding and Projects

We are thankful to following funding agencies for their support to our research.
Ongoing projects of our group include:

  • NSF CAREER 1452425
  • NSF IIS 1408287
  • PwC (Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center)
  • Adobe (University Marketing Research Grant)

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In the past, our research was also funded by:

  • DARPA TC Project (Contract No. FA8650-15-C-7561)
  • ARO Young Investigator Program (Contract No. W911NF-14-1-0029)
  • PNC (Financial Services Innovation Center)
  • ONR SBIR grant (Contract No. N00014-14-P-1155)
  • Stony Brook University Office of Vice President for Research
  • Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (NGAS)
  • Facebook (faculty gift)